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Welcome to my ecommerce art store. The art I create is inspired mostly by nature.  I feel endlessly surprised on how wise and beautiful it can be.

Oil paints are made with particles of pigments suspended in oils which makes it slow drying. On the other hand, acrylics are fast drying, and the pigments are suspended in acrylic polymer emulsions.  

Both materials bring different challenges when working with them which is why I enjoy using them for achieving different results. I hope you get to appreciate the vibrant and bold nature of oil paintings and the delicacy acrylics can express through my paintings.

Linoleum started in the 1850's as a floor covering material made from renewable components like linseed oil and cork dust mounted on burlap or canvas.   Later in the 1900's an artist translated its use to printmaking techniques becoming an alternative variant to woodcut printing.
I am interested in this technique because you create a design that is carved in a mirror image.  It's a challenge to the brain defining what the final product will look like.  All the linocuts I create are printed by hand. 

Meet Meli!

I'm an artist with a scientific background. I find inspiration in the natural world and try to express it through different medias.  My art is created by using painting, linoleum printing, textiles and metal. 

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